2016 Wine & Wishes Gala

Thank you to everyone who came and all who supported the 9th Annual Wine and Wishes Gala!  It was a wonderful event that showcased the amazing people of OYFF and the important work OYFF does to support, unite and empower birth mothers!

Thanks to photographer, Brooke Auchincloss (www.brookelife.com) for the amazing photos!

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A very special thanks to our sponsors:

Visionary – $5,000 +


Adams, Romer, Stoeckenius, & Wotherspoon, LLP

Pooja Bhandari & Caesar Sengupta

Grace Flannery & Glenda Humiston

Susan Romer & Don Ungar

Midge & Howard Zodikoff


Leader – $2,500 +

Teresa Fitzgerald & David Wofsy

Betsy & Bill Schmitt

Partner – $1,000 +

The Dwyer Family

Val Free

George Lucas Family Foundation

Craig Zodikoff & Jay Grant

Meredith & Jennifer Orthwein

Sandy Pruisner

Sophie Stockholm

Shelley Tarnoff

Advocate $500 +


Rosangela Braganca

Jim Cadwell

Stephanie and John Day

Erin Farber

Law Office of Gradstein and Gorman

Amy and David Kalish

Brian Kreischer

Beth Miller

Christina Ogburn-Chow

Kat and Kurt Schliemann

Theresa Sedell

Friend $250 +

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Basile

Sameer Bhagarva

Ayesha Boulware

Paul Feigenbaum

Leslie Foge

Linda Kanarek

Diane Landino

Rich and Mary Jane Laufenberg

Ramona Pedersen and Mark Kamiya

Louis and Eleni Ponticas

Steve Sedell

Eric Spaly

Charles Speigel

Brenda Subia and Fluer Twohig