Birth Mother Speaker’s Bureau


A glimpse of the panel discussion from the 7/30 performance of “Birthmother” at the Presidio Officers’ Club. Special thanks to Deanna Ross and the Adoption Museum Project for making the program possible. Photo courtesy of the Presidio Trust.

Part of our mission is to inform the general public about issues of importance to birth parents so they no longer exist in the shadows. We aim to promote understanding about their experience, including the decision to place a child and what a woman experiences before, during and after placement. The OYFF Speaker’s Bureau was created in response to requests from the adoption community and the general public to hear directly from women who have placed a child for adoption.

OYFF recently organized and facilitated a one day training to prepare birth mothers to discuss their experiences. Members of the group are available to participate in panel presentations and can respond to audience questions or simply share their stories with an interested audience.

Topics that may be addressed by the OYFF Speaker’s Bureau include:

  • Experience while pregnant
  • Factors leading to the decision to place
  • Hospital experience
  • Post-placement contact with child and adoptive family
  • Post-placement support needs

Groups of special interest to the OYFF Speaker’s Bureau include:

  • Adoption professionals:social workers, attorneys, staff
  • Prospective Adoptive parent
  • Adoptive Parents
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Adult Adopted Persons
  • Women’s Groups
  • Mental Health Professionals

We encourage groups requesting OYFF Speaker’s Bureau participation to consider making a donation to OYFF to cover travel expenses and to provide an honorarium to the women who generously volunteer their time to share their stories.

To schedule a speaker or speakers, please complete the following form: Birth Mother Speaker’s Bureau Request and an OYFF staff member will contact you directly to discuss the details.