Counseling Grants

Research shows that women who place a child for adoption experience significantly higher levels of depression and receive less support than the general population.  In order to provide birth mothers with the support they may need to begin or continue the healing process, On Your Feet issues counseling grants that provide ten (10) sessions with a licensed, adoption competent therapist.  A formal application isn’t necessary to receive a counseling grant.

If you are interested in receiving funding for counseling, contact the Birth Mother Services Coordinator at and you will be referred to a therapist as appropriate and arrangements will be made to pay the therapist directly.  Grants are funded on a rolling basis throughout the year as funding permits.

Ongoing Care

In an effort to provide birth/first mothers with ongoing care, Anne Brodzinsky, Ph.D. and Melissa Holub, Ph.D. developed Amaryllis, a program that trains and guides therapists in adoption related issues, focusing on the unique experiences of birth/first mothers.  Each therapist who participates in the program agrees to see one birth mother free of charge or at a significantly reduced rate for an extended period of time to enable the woman to fully address the profound experience of placing a child for adoption.

Amaryllis is a collaborative effort between the program founders and On Your Feet Foundation Northern California.  The program is named after the flower that has come to symbolize pride, determination and radiant beauty.  It currently serves women in the San Francisco Bay Area and Contra Costa County.

If you are a licensed therapist and would like more information about Amaryllis, please call 415-513-5010.

If you are a birth/first mother and would like information about counseling, please call 415-513-5010 or email our birth mom service coordinator at