Serve Birth/First Moms

OYFF provides critical services to support and empower birth parents. Any parent who has placed a child for adoption may participate in our peer support programs. OYFF provides additional services and assistance to birth mothers who currently live in California or who have placed a child for adoption in California. Support and services are available only after the adoption plan has been finalized.


OYFF offers weekend Birth Mother Retreats three times each year to provide birth mothers with a unique opportunity to share common experiences, participate in therapeutic workshops and build community.  OYFF also provides informal opportunities for birth parents to Connect and inspire each other. This might include a picnic at a local park or a workshop specifically designed for birth mothers.


On Your Feet issues a small number of academic and vocational grants to enable birth moms to work toward achieving their personal and professional goals.  The one-time grants are issued four times each year and typically range from $500 – $2,000.  The grants pay for things like tuition and student fees, text books and computers.  Please visit our Academic Grants page for more information about the grantmaking process and the grants calendar.


OYFF provides a limited number of Counseling Grants to women who require professional support to begin and continue the healing process.  Grants typically provide ten (10) counseling sessions with an adoption competent mental health provider.  We also partner with Bay Area therapists to provide ongoing support through Amaryllis, a pro-bono counseling project founded by Anne Brodzinsky, Ph.D. and Melissa Holub, Ph.D.