OYFF’s Mission

Our Board of Directors recently updated our mission statement to more accurately reflect the scope and purpose of our work. Like all non-profit organizations, we must evolve to stay current and responsive to the changing needs of the community we serve. In as few words as possible, the mission statement is how we describe the core of what we do. We reflected, we brainstormed, we wordsmithed, we discussed and eventually we voted.  Our new Mission Statement is:

On Your Feet Foundation empowers, unites, and supports women who have placed a child for adoption.

We felt this simple statement, with it’s three action words, is the best representative of our mission. Each word is reflective of a key component of the heart of OYFF. Birth mothers are empowered to tell their story, to educate the public, to challenge misconceptions and to pursue their goals. Birth mothers with diverse experiences are united as a community, and from their shared bond comes strength, self-acceptance, hope and activism. And birth mothers are supported to live their best lives after placement through therapeutic retreats, counseling grants, educational and vocational grants.

We love our new mission statement and believe it will serve as our guiding compass for years to come!